PREMIERE: Romania’s very own Fine, It’s Pink have dropped the best dream-pop you’ll hear all year

Romania, home of Moldoveanu Peak, Henri Catargi and Transylvania. Establishing themselves as an independent state from the Ottoman Empire in 1859 this country has had a rich, vibrant history. If this was a history blog we’d gladly go on, but we’re not your crusty old history teacher who can’t figure out how to use Powerpoint. We’re here to talk about the music, and wouldn’t you know it there are some incredible songs getting produced out that way. Case in point, Fine, It’s Pink, are probably one of the best dream-pop bands you’ll hear this year.

Fine, It’s Pink started life the way many good things do, as an accident. Actress Ioana Lefter was in a karaoke bar in 2013 (science indicates there’s a good chance someone sang Wonderwall at least twice that night) where she discovered she was actually a decent vocalist. In a place where more people realise they are rubbish at singing Lefter found her voice, and her future bandmates happened to be in the same bar that night. The rest as they say, is history.

Fine, It's Pink Young Burns video

Finding their voice in a karaoke bar, Romania’s Fine, It’s Pink release their debut music video for Young Burns. Who said youth is wasted on the young?

Since then the band have been jamming together honing their skills and earning plenty of praise. Lefter’s vocals are the centrepiece of the band’s sound, like leaves in the Autumn breeze dancing delicately through the air. As it turns out dream-pop is a bit of a tough slog in their native Romania, and as such it’s been an uphill battle for the band to make it this far. “There isn’t a proper industry, at least not for our genre” the band comment, “But things are stating to move little by little to a more contemporary sound direction. We are pretty sure, in a couple of years, Romania will provide cool & fresh music for international audience“.

Their ethereal sound is well complimented by their new video for Young Burns. The song recently got it’s first UK radio spin on Simon Raymonde’s Amazing Radio with the band releasing the visuals for it today. The band worked with their friend and artist Iustin Surpanelu to bring the video to life. Speaking on the collaboration the band said “It wasn’t hard at all ‘cause we worked with one of our closest friends who encouraged us from the very beginning“.

The clip is compiled of several small narratives that intertwine and come to a head at an arty social gathering. Each character is struggling with an emotional conundrum, not quite sure how to deal with their situation or who in the room to turn to to be absolved of their feelings of frustration. The underlying tension in the song comes to life here in the clip, the band themselves saying “The video is definitely a wonderful imagery of our sound and vibe. We find this fusion very appealing. Actually all our songs thrive through this interchange and mixture of feelings“.

If you love ambient, floaty dream-pop then Fine, It’s Pink is the band for you. If you ever happen to be in Romania be sure to look them up and say hi at a gig. Meanwhile the rest of us who can’t afford the trek will sit here impatiently waiting for them to make the trip for a debut Aussie tour.