PREMIERE: Ever wonder what an Aussie Batman would be like? Watch Tuff Sunshine’s Dreamin to find out

Imagination is a wonderful sanctuary. A place where peace can be attained and anything is possible. It’s the spark for inspiration and the thing that fuels our dreams. As kids we all had an imaginary friend or world in which to play in. As adults we lose touch with that sort of thing, writing it off as a something silly kids do. Yet, isn’t imagination the seed of all artistic expression? There is nothing that can compare to the imaginative mind, and it’s something that comes across well in the appropriately titled Dreamin from Tuff Sunshine.

Tuff Sunshine Dreamin video premiere

When the real world isn’t enough, the land of dreams is a salvation. NYC’s Tuff Sunshine give us some sweet & nostalgic summer vibes in Dreamin.

Tuff Sunshine are a three-piece indie rock band from New York City. They’re comprised of Johnny Leitera (guitar/vocals), Ani Cordero (drums/vocals) and Turner Stough (bass) and have been playing together since 2012. The band have gotten a lot of love following the release of their first two EP’s Half Mast / Steadfast and Kids Know. Their style borrows a lot from the new wave and grimy alternative rock that populated the 80s and 90s respectively. Their debut album Fire in the Hero Building is set for an October release, on Halloween no less.

Which brings us to the video for Dreamin. Filmed in Sydney, the clip follows a young boy who escapes his bland home life by delving into the bush sporting a cape and insect mask. Speaking of the clip director Dick Sweeney said “That little keyboard hook in the tune just hinted at a time, deep within the suburbs somewhere in Australia… way back when MTV first started out, to a time in life of trying to impress anyone as best as one could with whatever they had. The funniest bit was when we awoke the bats from their sleep with a big metal spoon crashing on a gong – we didn’t think it was going to work. Certainly not to the extent of the reaction we got!

The clip does the themes of the song justice. Lyrics like “I’ve got lots of dreamin left to do / And all my dreamin includes you” is the kind of sweet, nostalgic sentiment that bands like The Shins and their contemporaries do ridiculously well. It works that we never see the point of view of the boy, who is completely submerged in his world of make believe. We are left to witness his wonder, which in turns inspires our own imagination as to what it is he sees.