PREMIERE: Face Race blasts out an anthem for same sex marriage with Beat It Ya Kooks

The political machine can be a drag at the best of times. Recently, it’s kicked into a whole new gear.

Between the orange exercise ball sitting in the white house, Australia’s 10 year running parliamentary clusterterfuck, or the stringent (but thankfully unsuccessful) ‘No’ campaign around same sex marriage in Australia, sometimes you just feel like giving the powers that be a giant middle finger.

Which is exactly what Face Race have done with their latest, Beat It Ya Kooks.

face race beat it ya kooks same sex marriage

Sick of the politicians we keep appointing? Join Face Race in Beat It Ya Kooks, an anthem for anyone who has ever felt crestfallen for those in power.

Face Race is the moniker of Dan Mann, a fledgling solo musician out of Mudjimba Beach, Queensland. Having spent some time touring Australia and the world with previous bands Invaders and Townhallsteps, Mann has recently decided to take the stage himself.

Beat It Ya Kooks was the debut single from Face Race, a vicious track inspired by the Australian same sex marriage plebiscite. Like I’m sure many of us do, Mann found himself at odds with the entire debacle, and felt the song roll out of him.

If you found yourself angry, disappointed or even just tired of the whole ordeal at any point, there’s something in this tune for you.


Face Race will play their  debut show on Thursday December 7 at Solbar, Maroochydore.  Catch all the details on the Facebook event.