PREMIERE: Forest Hall pay tribute to the legendary Toadster on their new video

Masters of bullshit-free garage rock, Sydney four-piece Forest Hall have a knack for turning everyday frustrations into relatable and infectious jams that leave a triumphant aftertaste.

Following a succession of releases over the last year, the band release Lazy Bones Vs. Wasting Away, the final single to be pulled from their forthcoming sophomore EP Eternal Bummer.

Forest Hall
Photo: Dani Hansen

Forest Hall release their weird and wonderful video for Lazy Bones Vs. Wasting Away, an amusing tribute to Neighbours legend Toadie ‘the Toadfish’ Toadmiester.

Forest Hall stick it to the man on Lazy Bones Vs. Wasting Away, a track that tackles a common denominator in most of our lives; the frustrations and anger that stem from working a shit job for an even shittier boss. It’s that 4 o’clock fantasy of sticking up for yourself and giving your boss a red-hot piece of your mind.

“Lazy Bones Vs. Wasting Away tells a tale through the eyes of our main man (Lazy Bones) as he battles against the elements, his prick boss (Wasting Away), and even a little bit of himself as he goes through what everyone faces undertaking a tough, thankless job for minimum wage in the big smoke copping it from his prick boss; animosity, rage, passion and eventually, justice and vindication for our Lazy Bones!”

The track is both cruisey and soaked in attitude, it simultaneously smacks you in the head and makes you want to dance. There’s a laidback attitude that permeates through the hard-hitting drum beats, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and the catchy chant-worthy hook “give me lazy bones any day”, that makes this track nothing short of a good time.

Created by meme lords Pinacoladaboys, the music video for Lazy Bones Vs. Wasting Away is a self-proclaimed “tribute to Toady ‘The Toadfish’ Toadmiester” aka Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi, the fictional character from Australia’s great soap opera, Neighbours. It follows ups and downs of the life of Toadie, from marriage to marriage, near-death experience to near-death experience, and mental breakdown to mental breakdown. It’s nostalgic, comedic brilliance that’s weird as fuck but guaranteed to entertain.

More than anything, this track sounds like an invitation to go and see Forest Hall live, it’s sure to go off in any pub, bar, garage or backyard. Building on a heavy, tone-laden live set, plays from FBi, 2SER and Triple J Unearthed, plus being added to Spotify’s Local Noise playlist, the boys are set to take on the East Coast for their debut summer tour in support of their forthcoming EP. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this, it’s sure to be absolutely wild.