The new El Camino trailer gives us our first glimpse at Jesse Pinkman

The latest trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie shows us that Jesse Pinkman hasn’t quite escaped his life of crime.

The new clip gives us the first look at Aaron Paul’s character since the finale of the famed TV show aired six years ago. And boy does he look like he’s seen better days.

Netflix are giving audiences the life of Jesse Pinkman post-Heisenberg this October with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Pinkman has been no stranger to hardship. The events of Breaking Bad showed Jesse being broken down and built up, just to be torn apart again. He lost loved ones, battles with addiction and was cast aside by those he thought were closest to him.

The last time we saw Jesse, he was bursting forth into a Walter White-less future. But it looks as if his time in the world of crime isn’t fully up.

The new trailer shows Jesse in some less than desirable situations. Hiding from a string of police cars, toting firearms, and most interestingly having his face plastered across the news, it’s not the happily ever after that fans we’re hoping for when the series wrapped up.

Still, at least Jesse has his trusty sidekicks Badger and Skinny Pete to count on.

El Camino hits Netflix as well as select theaters October 11th.