Watch Paul Rudd battle it out against Paul Rudd in new Netflix trailer

If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love Paul Rudd, let’s face it, you’re probably lying to yourself. From his superior comedic acting and dramatic chops to his apparent inability to age, what’s not to love?

The new Netflix series Living With Yourself  answers the age-old question: how much Paul Rudd is too much Paul Rudd? Or is there even such a thing?

Paul Rudd

Netflix unveils the trailer for Living With Yourself, the new series starring two Paul Rudds battling it out in a war for who is the superior Paul Rudd.

Netflix released the trailer for the new existential dark comedy Living With Yourself yesterday, where Rudd plays Miles, a guy who’s having a rough time at work, at home, and just in general. Feeling at his lowest of lows, he takes himself to a strangely futuristic sort of health spa that promises to transform him into a new and improved version of himself.

The spa treatment actually works, and a happier, smarter, and all-round better clone of Rudd is created. The only problem is, the old, unhappy version of Rudd still exists, and he’s pretty bloody furious about his new replacement. Thus, a clone war for the ages between Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd 2.0 erupts, and, presumably, all hell breaks loose.

Check out the trailer below:

Living With Yourself, which will run for eight episodes, is set to hit Netflix on the 18th of October, you can add it to your watch list here.