Watch Paul Rudd rocking out like his life depends on it at a Foo Fighters gig

Amazing fan-caught footage has surfaced of actor Paul Rudd having the time of his life at a Foo Fighters‘ show last weekend.

The ’90s heart-throb was seen having a blinder at a Foo Fighters’ pre-Superbowl gig in Atlanta, rocking out to Dave Grohl and co’s interesting rendition of The Ramones’ hit Blitzkreig Bop.

Have you ever seen someone enjoy a Foo Fighters’ gig as much as Paul Rudd? We didn’t think so. At a pre-Superbowl show in Atlanta last weekend, the actor was caught rocking out like his life depended on it.

 A fan snapped the now-viral footage of Rudd banging his head like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the footage below.

Twitter users couldn’t believe their eyes. The video blew up, inciting responses from people around the world.

One user responded: “Can we wrap him in bubble wrap? He’s one of the last remaining good things we have left.”

Another said: “I would be dancing like that too if foo fighters covered blitzkrieg bop right in front of my eyes”

The clip now has over two-and-a-half million views, perhaps more than the Foo Fighters would have ever received for a clip of them actually playing the song.