PREMIERE: Fourth State unveil their hypnotic new video Lost In Dreams

Last year, when Perth-based duo Fourth State released their debut single Sink Or Swim, we were immediately immersed in their hypnotic indie-electronic sounds. The band create sprawling sonic universes within each of their songs, and getting lost inside will always be a good time.

Today, the band have shared their incredible follow-up single, Lost In Dreams. So we caught up the Fourth State to chat all about the track…

To coincide with the release of their hypnotic second single, Lost In Dreams, we caught up with Perth duo Fourth State for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

FOURTH STATE: Very well thank you! At the moment we are ticking off the never-ending list of things to do in the lead up to our launch at The Bird, working on our live set and trying not to think about all the things we have to start working on after the launch!

HAPPY: Congrats on getting the new single done! Could you tell us about the track?

FOURTH STATE: Thank you. This is our second release and when we wrote this track we had a really good feeling about it and knew we wanted to release this one next. Lyrically, this track is about getting lost in the situations of life and also referencing to the fact that life is just one big dream. It’s about surrendering to situations, accepting them or letting them go and starting again. Most of our songs are written live on the fly then the vocal lines are written afterwards. The first demo of Lost In Dreams had a really chilled, dirty ambient vibe so when Ed rewrote the parts for the final mix it was a challenge to recreate that original sound but we got there in the end.

The video clip was shot down at Point Walter by Andi Ionita from Swangraphy Productions and stars contemporary dancer Rhiana Katz. The concept pretty much defines the lyrical content of the track with the ropes symbolising being trapped and bound by your story.

HAPPY: How do you see Lost In Dreams as being different from Sink Or Swim? If at all…

FOURTH STATE: Lost In Dreams is darker than Sink Or Swim in terms of its chords and melody but has the same beat step. The background styles are rougher and reflect the typical electronic and future garage sound. Lyrically the theme it is quite similar to Sink Or Swim! I guess it’s a personal journey we all go through – the times we need to make big perspective changes and connect with the flow again.

HAPPY: When you first arrived with ‘Sink Or Swim’, you had a really well-developed sound. How long had this project been in the works for before you released that track?

FOURTH STATE: We get that comment a lot and the answer is we only started working together 7 months before we released that track. We do flow well together and are both pretty fast when it comes to completing our production and songwriting parts, but for sure Ed’s experience and refined skill in electronic production is a huge factor in our sound…

HAPPY: What’s next for Fourth State? Any other exciting plans in the works?

We have a lot of exciting things coming up! We are playing at Nannup Music Festival in March where we will also be holding a workshop on Sequencing Synthesisers For Live Performance (one of the things we need to work on after the launch)!  In April we are supporting Montaigne on her national tour at Fremantle’s new venue, Freo.Social. We are also going to finish off our EP and release it in the first half of this year – then we can start working on an album… which is something we are really keen to do.

Last year Sink or Swim was also asked to be featured in the new West Australian drama The Heights on the ABC and we have signed to Sydney based recording studio The Rumble for the ‘Young Tribe’ initiative which will hopefully open up a few more doors for us!  We have also started working on creating another set that is a little more ambient and downbeat so we can offer less of a club mix when we play smaller, intimate venues… we have been writing tracks with acoustic guitar and vocal looping and coming up with some really interesting stuff. It will still be our Fourth State sound, just dynamically different.

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat!

FOURTH STATE: Cheers for the share!

Watch the video for Lost In Dreams above.