PREMIERE: friendships unleash their red-blooded, serrated new dance track Leather Dog Mask

Cling Clang: Compositions for Computer​-​Controlled Bells and Australian Electronics is an upcoming compilation of degraded electro, whipped techno and darkened beats coming your way via Heavy Machinery Records and the City of Melbourne.

Who better to represent that derelict corner of electronic music than friendships, the kinked-out AV duo known for their harsh soundscapes, nightmarsih vocals and altogether terrifying artistic accompaniments?

Leather Dog Mask is our second taste of the soon-to-be-released Cling Clang LP, a rave-infused meltdown held together by angular, mind rending and warehouse-ready visuals.

friendships leather dog mask cling clang city of melbourne

Acid tinged and dripping with the heavy sweat only skin-tight gear can squeeze out, Leather Dog Mask is all of friendships’ depravity rolled into a provocative little package.

Opening with some Aphex-level percussion, the track drops into a hypnotic beat which blunders around with a psychopath’s rhythm. Squelchy, acid-soaked synth lines drip in and out, only giving way to stronger, more overdriven melodies as the song progresses.

It’s primal, industrial and everything that friendships never fail to deliver. Bursting with some kind of red-blooded, serrated energy, it’ll pierce your eardrums like a fish hook and never let go.


friendships will join Forces, Ok Sure and other compilation contributors at the Cling Clang LP launch, Friday December 1st at the Federation Bells installation in Birrarung Marr, Melbourne. Grab all the details on the Facebook event.

Pre-order your copy of Cling Clang: Compositions for Computer-Controlled Bells and Australian Electronics here.