PREMIERE: Future Love Hangover defy normality on their abstract new album Sincere Input

Coming off the back of a six month creative collaboration with visual artists Joe Wilson, Chanelle Collier and Jordan Charles Stokes, Sydney experimental pop outfit Future Love Hangover have returned with their new album Sincere Input.

The new album is a bizarre journey through strange, alien spaces; a melting pot of unexpected experimentation that’ll keep you guessing from start to finish.

Available only as its own website, Future Love Hangover’s new album Sincere Input is a strange and invigorating listen from start to finish.

Across the new album, you’ll be treated to guest vocal features from Jonti, Bus Vipers and Naeem, who all perfectly add to the album’s free-flowing sound.

Now, we’ve never really premiered anything like this before. Normally, we’d direct you towards a Spotify stream or a vinyl pre-order link… but not this time.

Future Love Hangover’s new album is only available as a website… as in, the album is a website. Once you’ve streamed the entire album, you’ll be able to access a direct download of the tracks.


This presentation is also an attempt to reclaim the aesthetic surrounding the music removing it from the branding related to other streaming services and placing it in a digital space related specifically to this particular album,” they say.

Do yourself a favour and stream the new album here.