PREMIERE: Gailla’s debut music video Crowning is next level good

If you like glitchy, sweet pop and bright, quirky landscapes then the latest release from Gailla is definitely for you.

Her unique vocals and half spoken delivery are captured perfectly in the offbeat and visually gripping new production which accompanies her highly anticipated single Crowning. We premiered the track a while ago, and this next instalment in the artist’s story will likely be very well received.

Filmed across a score of different landscapes, Crowning is as much about the music as it is the incredible colours and the deeply sensual feelings it evokes. The use of the bathtub, the petroleum colours and the eery forest backdrops make for a gripping experience.

gailla crowning music video happy mag

Gailla delivers a visual masterpiece with her debut music video Crowning. The use of colour, texture and disconcerting sensuality make for a rollercoaster of a viewing.

Crowning is a song, as the title may suggest, of rebirth. Of growing out and away from the past and into a new space of being and seeing. In speaking of the filming experience however, this poignancy could only be carried so far:

“I stayed in that bathtub for so long that I got bath bomb wax stuck in my left ear”, Gailla shared, “and I had to go to a party later that night with a blocked ear.”

“Had it washed out at the doctor’s the next morning.”

If you are digging what Gailla has to offer then we suggest you get on her socials and check it out. She’s only young and there is huge potential for this artist… I can imagine we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

With this video clip in mind, I can only hope that her live shows are as much of a visual treat as Crowning is.