PREMIERE: Sydney’s Gailla will shock you with her phenomenal debut single Crowning

This is an absolute banger. It’s hard to believe that for Gailla, aka Gabi Brown from Sydney’s West, this is her debut single. Crowning is a beautiful, haunting expression of youth and naivety.

It’s a tale of growing up, feeling lost and living in that confusing high school period of insecurity and self discovery. Her vocals are luscious and deep, well beyond her years, and that poetic, natural lyricism is distinctly that of her generation, honest without pretension. If you’re a fan of the production behind the likes of E^ST and Mallrat then this one is right up your alley.


While it can be sure that you won’t be forgetting Gailla in a hurry, we highly suggest you keep you finger on the pulse for any upcoming releases.

The track was made in Brown’s room using Ableton and produced with the help of mate Dorny Mayes of Linear Recordings in Leichhardt. Simon Lam of Kllo stepped in for the final mix.

The divine mix of sweet, fresh innocence and the carefully crafted production leaves us with a track that is refreshingly unique and distinctly personal.

Having only heard what she has opened with, I’m already a huge fan of Gailla. No doubt, I can’t wait to hear anything she has up her sleeve.

New acts are popping up pretty much everywhere but we have a good feeling that we have managed to catch the very early days of an artist who is set for incredible things. Crowning is a beautiful conversation between two young people, and captivates an audience through it’s stunning lyrical accessibility and hauntingly beautiful sonic landscapes.