PREMIERE: Make a deal with the devil in This Pale Fire’s dark and twisted new video Curse

Alias of Auckland based singer/songwriter Corban Koschak, This Pale Fire is a one man show, smooth and captivating with nothing more than a guitar and vocals. A force to be reckoned with, Koschak is creating music that is raw, personal and honest with a complexion to match the name.

Eery, creative and every inch enticing, the new video for Curse takes the viewer on a grim, mystical journey through the land of the dead. Beginning with a foggy background, a horned creature and a man who looks as though he’s seen better days, we’re taken through a desolate graveyard.

Made up of dead branches and softly falling ashes, we’re welcomed to a dark and vengeful place by gentle guitar and soft, tender vocals. As the video progresses in slow motion, we’re overcome by a struggling man, arms bound with an expression of pure angst. As it pans back to the orange, misty setting, the words “forest on fire, mountains covered in haze” ring, the visuals in sync as the man approaches the horned creature, holding a burnt out flag in one hand.

this pale fire curse

Driven by love and inspired by fantasy literature, This Pale Fire’s latest offering Curse is a dark and complex narrative. If you’re a rainbows and unicorns type, I’d look away now because this four minute clip may suck out your soul.

Removing its veil as ashes continue to fall around them, it becomes apparent the bound man is both a prisoner and an offering to the yellow-eyed, horned beast. From what one can only assume is an angel of death who has a masters degree in stealing souls, the frightening looking creature takes the life from the prisoner as the other man calmly escapes into the distance.

For a track so gentle and harmonious, the video is a chilling albeit perfect juxtaposition. Sinister and wicked, yet somehow infectious, This Pale Fire exceeded expectations in the new video for Curse, with skilful cinematography falling nothing of stunning.