Like dark preachers of the netherworld, ORB took the Lansdowne to a wicked, wicked place

Spotlighting their dizzying kaleidoscopic take on proto-metal, psychedelia and prog-rock, ORB churned like raving dystopian preachers at The Lansdowne.

They’ve toured extensively with labelmates King Gizzard and The Murlocs and appearing at curated showcases here in Sydney. They’ve played a slew of national and international shows straight off the back of their early success as The Frowning Clouds. They’ve released two of the most dangerous albums of recent times…

By now, head-trip shamans ORB surely need no introduction

The Geelong three-piece started gaining major traction with their debut record Birth last year, released through Flightless here in Oz and John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records in the U.S.

They recently released their awesome follow-up Naturality, which adds a few more groove elements to an otherwise welcoming riff fest. To mark the event and appease their anti-utopian overlords, they journeyed across the east coast, playing a brief maelstrom of shows.

The Sydney leg saw a devoted gathering flock to the iconic Lansdowne Hotel, where reptoids Crocodylus all but nuked the stage before funky priests The Jim Mitchells could soothe us with the mellowest of trips.

ORB finally descended and reverbed our goddamn minds to oblivion. The masses had clearly entered a state of euphoria as they thrashed their way through the spectacle.

If you missed this incredible event, you can pledge your allegiance at ORB’s Brisbane launch on October 27 and in Melbourne on November 11.

Words and photos by Dani Hansen.