Simon Astley chats his return to Oz, his home in Tasmania and his drive to make music

Native to Tasmania and already making a name for himself on an international scale, Simon Astley is a pop-rock singer/songwriter and preacher of life, love and all of the intricacies which come with the two.  

Having recently returned home from overseas, Astley has re-released his jam Temptation, a radiant track underpinned by hard-hitting lyrics. Bursting with synths, infectious beats and powerful vocals, it’s almost as infatuating as Astley’s skill as a pianist.

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Crafting most of his songs from his surroundings and experiences, Astley’s music reflects his travels, personal life and emotions, resulting in powerful, catchy tunes drizzled in sonic textures.

Temptation is a compelling, danceable offering from Astley, exploring the depths of his voice with a dramatic chorus, oozing with sonics textures and a bouncy melody. It outlines the way we’re constantly torn between the lure of freedom and the realities of life, a feeling a little too many of us will be all too familiar with.

Jumping back and forth between Australia, the US and the UK since 2011, Astley’s music has been influenced by the vastly different landscapes and experiences offered by these destinations. With a father from Birmingham and a newly signed record deal with Gotham Records, Astley naturally feels a tether between the UK and his home in Oz.

My experience in the UK has been amazing.  I have been lucky to have had the opportunities that have come my way, and I am happy that my music has been appreciated, and spread so far from home. I love all the history the UK has to offer. Lovely buildings, red post boxes, and London taxis that give it that vibe.”

But at the end of the day, there’s no place like home.

It is always good to be home. I love Australia and especially my home state Tasmania. I live in a beautiful part of Tasmania in a place called Don, which is just out of Devonport. My property looks over Mount Roland, so it is such a great place to sit back and reflect and write songs.” 

Astley has accumulated a strong fan base in the US and UK, having even made a couple of television appearances whilst on tour.

I had a great opportunity when I was in the UK last time where by I appeared on TV on The Late Show with Monica Price. This was a well put together show, and was a great end to my tour over there.”

Keep an eye out for Astley, who promises an array of hard-hitting, synth soaked tunes on the horizon and an upcoming Aussie tour.

I have lots in store for the future. I am going to be writing, recording and releasing new music as much as I can. I find it such a great feeling to be able to create songs knowing that I am not the only one hearing it in my head anymore, but the songs are being listened to and appreciated by people all over the world,” he says.

This is what drives me to write songs. I am also going to be touring Australia a lot more, with a tour in the UK in 2018 planned too.