PREMIERE: Garage rock, bong rips and general enlightenment: revel in the reckless vibes of Forest Hall’s latest single Most People’s Lives Are Boring

An anthem for the daredevils of the world, Most People’s Lives Are Boring has an impulsive and impetuous delivery in line with it’s message.

Sydney trio Forest Hall are a new project led by self-proclaimed bedroom warrior Mislav Belobrajdic (mercifully shortened to Missy) that revel in the twenty-something year old’s nucleus of love, work, pizza, ‘herbal’ cigarettes, kicking back and wading through the bullshit to find the much prophesied nirvana that apparently exists outside the normal regime.

Their mission is to take aim at the structure of establishment and have a heck of a lot of fun while doing so. On their journey thus far they have discovered that Most People’s Lives Are Boring and in response have written a scuzzy, distorted and deceptively catchy proclamation to suit.

forest hall most people's lives are boring

Most People’s Lives Are Boring is exactly that, a declaration of reckless abandon. On first listen the lyrics feel somewhat lacklustre, even by slacker standards, on second rotation it hits us, most peoples lives ARE boring!

The title of the track prefaces the vocal delivery, an almost monotone roll call feel that would make any worker bee feel at home. Contrast that with some catchy pop-hook harmonies and some well timed guitar squeals and you’ve got yourself one qualified all-round ear worm that refuses to let go of your cochlea until you’ve submitted.

While garagey in aesthetic, Forest Hall have definitely captured punk’s lively vitriol in this tune’s theme. A rejection of standard practice delivered with full disclosure, unabashed by any fear of how it will be received.

Forest Hall have managed to craft a slacker anthem that both invites acceptance of the norm and a path to a bullshit free zone filled with snow cones, bong rips and general enlightenment.

Give them a spin then start a pros and cons list for your life.