PREMIERE: Are you dreaming right now? Traverse a surreal reverie in Edie Green’s new clip Sliding

Perth four-piece Edie Green are kicking off the year with a brand new single. With an intermingling assortment of musical talents divided between the band members, the group has been able to conjure up a distinctive voice.

A jazz trained drummer, funk oriented guitarist, bluesy bass player and a soulful folk vocalist make Edie Green a band worth keeping an eye on, especially with the release of their newest clip Sliding.

The track begins with a dreamy guitar solo before the band gradually adds more texture and intensity, building towards an end that’s almost frightening.

ediegreen sliding

A twisted reverie which escalates rapidly towards chaos, you won’t be able to tell if Sliding is a dream or a nightmare.

The music video easily mimics the tone of the song. The beginning takes surreal to a new level as a girl emerges from a bath and encounters a series of strange rooms including a party of people doing the Macarena.

As the song grows heavier and darker, the video becomes less like a dream and more like a nightmare. The clip ends with everyone’s ultimate horror of being in your underpants in front of a crowd, with the pleasant addition of running for your life from a crazed band of scarecrows.

Through the jarring changes in time and rhythm that are similar to that of Hiatus Kayote or Jaala, the band are able to capture the fever dream vibe towards the end of the clip while also keeping the listener guessing on the song’s direction.

Forming in 2013, Edie Green had immediate success with their first single Southern Palms, which had a healthy amount of radio time and made it’s way onto Live’n’Local’s top 50 Western Australian songs of 2013 list. In 2015 the band released their first EP titled New Heavy and launched it at a sold out gig in their hometown.

The new song follows a successful 2016 for the group. It saw them release two new singles and score a healthy number of live gigs under their belts. 2017 is shaping up to be a big one for them, already announcing an EP on the way. Stay tuned.