PREMIERE: Charming, lyrical and delightfully simple, The Zilzies will put a smile on your dial with Honey (It’s Alright)

Hailing from the southern reaches of Sydney, The Zilzies are a six-limbed jam monster clambering to the top of the Unearthed charts every time they drop a new demo. Today they make the first mark of their debut EP upon the world, a fetching track named Honey (It’s Alright).

Their bright coastal sensibilities are heartily realised within the track, echoing a polite incarnation of Australia’s rich alt-rock past.

Long-haired and steeped in wisdom beyond their years, The Zilzies have done their genre proud with their shining new release Honey (It’s Alright).

Their upcoming EP was produced by Dylan Adams (Sticky FingersDMA’s) and is slated for release this year. The production chops come through robustly in the track, leaving a huge amount of room for the vocals amongst six instrumentalists.

The result is a clean rock track with indie leanings, a well-oiled and mechanically tight unit held together by elementary yet charming vocals.

The lyrics are memorable, simplistic in their delivery and themes – a strength rather than a weakness. Vocalist Darcey Gervaise paints a picture of an unnamed woman seemingly without effort. His sleek intonation flows from line to line, handily dragging the listener every step of the way.

Despite the band’s size The Zilzies manage to carry this same simplicity throughout the track’s instrumentation. Honey (It’s Alright) never feels crowded or overworked despite a full-bodied chorus which hangs precipitously on the edge of becoming a little too much. It’s a fine line to walk, and The Zilzies handily tread it without breaking a sweat.

Their apparent maturity as a band and their skills as songwriters and lyricists bode well for The Zilzies’ run of 2017. We’ll definitely be waiting on the coming EP with bated breath.

Until then you can catch the Zilzies launching Honey (It’s Alright) at Rad Bar in Wollongong on the 22nd. Grab all your details here.