PREMIERE: On your phone right now? Fight the losing battle of smartphone addiction in the new video from Prints Familiar

With a funky and full-flavoured bass line, garage-disco outfit Prints Familiar welcome in their new track Find Your Dark Corner. Serving as the premiere single taken from the band’s upcoming third EP Man’s Search For The Moment, this is our first taste of the groove-worthy sounds the release will possess.

Though songwriter Oliver Badman was inspired to write the tune after experiencing Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Rings of Saturn, the guitar riff throughout the track is reminiscient of The 1975, and rolls righteously into slurred and familiar indie vocal work.

The lyricism explores the depths of mindfulness and the concept of presence that grabs David Foster Wallace’s idea of living in between heartbeats, presenting it behind an addictive musical beat.

prints familiar find your dark corner

Simplicity is the aim for Prints Familiar and Find Your Dark Corner, a pleasing indie pop showpiece accompanied by a delightfully uncomplicated video.

The single’s accompanying video was shot and edited by Angelo Lara, starring Sydney Dance Company student Izzac Carroll. The music video shows Carroll sitting at a table with nothing but a book and his phone, and journeys through his angst as he begins the all too familiar struggle not to pick up his mobile.

Though a simple, extremely low budget clip (well, aside from the destruction of an iPhone), the message embedded at its core is all too reminiscent of the society we live in today – a world where anxiety and fear rule us as we fight the urge to scroll through our phones every waking minute.

With a simple, more leisurely chorus that features near-spoken word vocals, the lyrics encourage the listener to “Take a dip; Just another sip”, and as the song reaches a climactic end, the video follows.

After a few boomerang mobiles prove hard to defeat, the video’s star smashes one. However, he quickly returns to the comfort of his dark corner with another phone as the clip comes to a close.

You can catch Prints Familiar at one of two upcoming Sydney shows:

Fri 27th Jan – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Sat 25th Feb – Waywards, Sydney (Free show)