The Ruminaters’ top 10 songs of 2016

When we went through the painstaking but ultimately fucking fun job of piecing together our favourite 100 songs of last year, we knew our mates The Ruminaters had to be right up the top somewhere.

In the end, the mad lads from Sydney clocked in at #4 with their happy-go-lucky track Mr. Bubbles. We offered them their own opportunity to nail down some favourites, and they were more than happy to share.

the ruminaters top 10 songs of 2016

What did Pencil, Jake, Jarleth and Edward choose as The Ruminaters’ top 10 songs of 2016? Find the cracking list right here.

Gap Dream – College Music

This guy is the coolest. This song is awesome and I love how he keeps the same beat the whole time and builds all the backing vocals. It feels kinda like a Blink-182 song. It makes ya wanna walk around the street smiling at people and kinda makes ya feel a bit better than you are.

Whitney – No Woman

Jarleth has got a song of the week thing going on where he will ask every one what their favourite song of the week is. Every Friday he will get messages from all over the place. This track was a song of the week and turned out to be our song of the week for quite a few weeks. Such a nice song..

The guitar line in it is awesome. Film clip’s awesome. Makes me wanna get heaps of camo and boots and go make fires in the woods. Thanks Chelsea.

Allah-Las – Could Be You

This song’s heaps good to listen to when you are drivin’ in summer.

Fat White Family – Hits Hits Hits

This album (Songs for our Mothers) might be one of my favourite album of 2016.

These guys are crazy live. If you ever want to see cool shit happen than I suggest it. This song has got a real nice groove to it and it’s about Ike & Tina Turner.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Rattlesnake

I feel like a lot of people say they don’t like this song but when some one puts it on, they love it?

I love it too. It’s a lot of the same thing but I dig it. I don’t know if anyone will make a chorus this catchy again. It’s not much, it’s just rattle snake. The best bit is at the end of the song around 7 minutes when they repeat rattle snake for about 40th time. I just like how no matter how many times they say it, I still like it.

The Strokes – Threat of Joy

The Strokes are probably the band’s favourite band. We love the first three albums. We like all the albums but the first three definitely do it the most for us.

So when we heard this song, it brought us back to those first few albums and reminded us that they are still fucked up great.

The Murlocs – Rolling On

This song reminds me of the period I spent in London. Really really great track to walk around London to.

Deep Sea Arcade – Learning to Fly

We recently finished playing along Deep Sea Arcade for their Learning To Fly tour and it was heaps of fun. So stoked to see these guys making music again, this has got to be one of the best songs written in 2016.

Mild High Club – Skiptracing

Pencil’s girlfriend Petie introduced to Mild High Club in early 2016 with the track Window Pane. These guys have such a cool groove and this track is real mad.

I’ve heard they are making a collaboration record with King Giz this year too which I’m super pumped for.