Fat White Family speak out after being kicked out of Splendour In The Grass

After causing a bit of a stir at Splendour In The Grass when Fat White Family singer Lias Kaci Saoudi performed half their set butt naked, and were subsequently kicked out of the festival, the band have now spoken out about the incident.


Speaking exclusively with The Music, Saoudi explained that the eviction was not due to violent behaviour or destructive behaviour, but rather the result of a drunk friend of the band who became too intoxicated.

He said: “There was some drunkenness generally, but nothing fantastical or out of order. No one was on drugs. We were in Australia for a day, it’s notoriously hard to get drugs here anyway.”

“Eventually one of them got too drunk and he fell asleep and I put him in our backstage room, which was a little bit messy, like any backstage room five hours into a festival. It hadn’t been smashed to pieces, it hadn’t been shat on, it hadn’t been pissed on, hadn’t been spray painted, none of this had gone down.”

The band also took to Facebook to clear up any allegations that were being made about them and tried to justify the on stage nudity (mind you Splendour is an all ages event so maybe not the best place for a full frontal).

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You can check out Fat White Family’s full statement here.