These surreal photomontages made using classic film techniques will destroy your depth perception

For over a decade Suzanne Moxhay has been creating mind-bending photomontages that intersperse the natural and urban worlds.

Using a film technique developed in the early 20th century called matte painting, Moxhay manages to stitch together these images with minimal digital touch-ups.

Copse 2014. All images by Suzanne Moxhay
Copse, 2014. All images by Suzanne Moxhay

Bend reality and perception with the photomontages of Suzanne Moxhay, a contemporary photographer dedicated to old-school technique.

Matte painting is an extremely precise process that involves the use of a glass pane in front of a camera lens to ‘paint’ an image on top of what is being photographed. Used in classic films such as Mary PoppinsPlanet of the Apes and Indiana Jones, it’s nice to see a modern artist reviving a technique which has largely been faded out by developments in special effects.

Reducing great forests to the size of living rooms and otherwise playing on scale, perception and placement, Moxhay’s photo series combine various photos using the above technique, finished off with minor digital stitching.

See a few more of our favourites below:

matte painting suzanne moxhay
Eventide, 2012
Photomontages suzanne moxhay
Cablecar, 2008
arch 2016
Arch, 2016
vestible 2015
Vestible, 2015

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