PREMIERE: What did you accomplish during your HSC? Between exams Ivey have created the perfect video to accompany Last Week

Australia has always championed young musicians. Whether it’s Vera Blue singing angelic hymns onstage with Flume, Japanese Wallpaper taking a break from his music to complete his HSC or Mallrat spitting fire onstage with musos double her age, we love to celebrate the young artists leading the charge of the next musical generation.

Ranging from 16 to 20, the infectious indie rockers from Ivey are also deserving of your praise and attention.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, the four piece made up of Lachlan McGuffie, Matt McGuffie, Dante Martin and Millie Perks dropped their newest single Last Week at the start of the month. Today, they’re treating you to the classy video accompaniment.


With harmonic vocals, tight progressions and tasteful breakdowns, Ivey show they’ve perfected their indie rock formula with Last Week.

One of the paramount joys of indie music has always been how relatable it is – bands within the genre explore the issues we all face, downplayed with nonchalant charm and the right attitude.

You’d think these features would be exclusive to mature musos able to view the world through a more experienced lens, but time and time again Australia sees young indieheads like Ivey pump out a hit that’s appealing to the widest audience, dapper in presentation and charismatic in delivery.

Last Week is a ballad for anyone who’s fallen in love with someone too fast – so pretty much everybody. The dual vocals of Perks and McGuffie make the perfect delivery vehicle for this age-old tale, the transparent lyrics showing an elegance to the band’s songwriting indicative of their growing maturity.

The instrumentation holds similar, straightforward sensitivities. Not eager to fluff the track up with too much nonsense, the restraint and love for the basics Ivey shows is what makes Last Week so inviting.

The video echoes the same no-nonsnse appeal, depicting the band in a series of familiar settings; a bedroom, what looks to be a broom closet and of course, on stage.

Ivey have cornered the holy grail of indie treasures with Last Week, an alluring relatability that’s set up for mass appeal. The combination of song and video send this home – these are four characters you want to party with, chat with and listen to music with.

Approachable, amiable and appealing in the way only the best indie rockers can be, expect Ivey’s fan base to multiply if they keep surging forward as they have with Last Week.