Osaka's 10 best indie songs from the genre's golden age

Osaka have put together a list of their 10 best indie songs. Can you guess which classic tunes made the cut?

Last week saw Osaka putting out their debut EP into the world. Titled Manoeuvres, it makes for an impressive first offering of the band’s stylings; unfiltered indie goodness up there with some of the best.

In the wake of an indie resurgence Osaka seems like they have the perfect minds from which to extract a distilled list of top indie tunes, dating back to the style’s explosion over 20 years ago. Jump on in for the picks.

best indie songs

Osaka know their genre inside and out, and they’ve stuck their heads together to dig up the 10 best indie songs, past and present.

The StrokesTrying Your Luck (Live)

One of my all time favourite songs. This song is everything that I think makes indie music so special. It’s raw, yet considered and so intimate with its lyrics. Julian’s a big hero, Trying Your Luck and The Strokes will always be pure gold to me. This live version just hammers it home.

The HorrorsWho Can Say

The Horrors are actually a relatively new find for me. Although as soon as that synth line comes in the song feels familiar. It’s characteristically rough but so tactile, I feel like I can imagine all the instruments of the song in a room. It’s personal and not just one shiny layer.

LCD SoundsystemDaft Punk Is Playing At My House

The other side of the indie coin. Rambunctious and unrestricted. It took me a bit to realise just how amazing LCD Soundsystem are. They sound completely ‘real’ while still being full of thick electronic sounds, preventing them from being pinned down to any one label.

Bloc PartyHunting For Witches

Early Bloc Party. Early Bloc Party. Early Bloc Party. Yes yes yes.

City Calm DownUntil I Get By

Couldn’t feel more proud of Melbourne with a band like City Calm Down. I love what they do, their songs, their live shows… It’s all brilliant. I think they’ve created something timeless, to me that’s one of the best things you can do.

The KillersJenny Was A Friend of Mine

Classic. Nothing beats a song that won’t ever be loud enough to belt out in the car on a late night drive home.

The HivesHate To Say I Told You So

From Sweden! Maybe this is where my love of indie music started, my dad (Swedish) used to play this album with me all the time, so The Hives have always been around. Take them for what they are or leave them. They don’t need you, they’ve got them.

The Pigeon DetectivesThis Is An Emergency

Guitars, bass, drums with a big chorus.This song reminds me that you don’t need to overthink a song too much.

Total ControlFlesh War

This instantly makes me imagine an intimate sweaty little venue pulsing with the band at the heart. It’s nothing crazy or out there, but it’s solid and knows what it’s doing.

Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor

Overflowing with energy, young Arctic Monkeys speaks for itself. You can feel the magic buzz as soon as Alex finishes speaking in this clip. This track makes me wish I was born 5 or 10 years earlier.