The new, new-wave is here on In a Restless House from City Calm Down

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Critical acclaim within the music industry may sometimes appear as though it falls only into the hands of image and the product of a well strategised marketing scheme. However no matter how much of that is true, it definitely does not get in the way of local acts aspiring to crush the idea of confined aesthetics within the industry. Each time we get to see a local Aussie act start to make their way towards success, it gives a joy like no other.

City Calm Down In A Restless House

Been dying for a new wave revival? Well you can eat your fill and have enough for leftovers with City Calm Down’s debut album In A Restless House.

City Calm Down are an intricate four-piece haling from Melbourne. With the unwavering support of Aussie label I OH YOU, City Calm Down have gradually made it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their nostalgic 90’s post-punk and immensely gripping soundscapes have landed them on festival lineups across the country, including Falls Festival, Disconnect in Perth, and the mighty Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne. Furthermore the boys are currently on their first ever national tour of Australia in support of their debut album entitled In A Restless House, due for release on November 6.

In A Restless House is a blissfully wonderful experience from start to finish, wayfaring in and out of ever-expansive textures and soundscapes. Border On Control is the second track on this album succeeding a rather impressive introduction. It instantly submerges you in a lucid blanket of synths and eloquent repetition. The cycling drum beat evokes a striking ability to zone-out the listener, very reminiscent of the drums on a The War On Drugs record.

Following Border On Control City Calm Down waste no time delving into track #3 Son; arguably one of the paramount tracks In A Restless House has to offer. CATCHY! Son is irresistibly catchy as hell, boasting a sound unmistakably inspired by the late 80’s /early 90’s. Son is soaked in influences from New Order, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, and maybe even Duran Duran? Whatever it is, City Calm Down sound as though they have wittingly crawled out of the New Wave era. Everything from the vocal melodies right down to those impeccable harmonies is pure bliss. How do they even? Honestly? How do they even?

One major aspect of the City Calm Down sound lays in the gear. From lush synths to shimmering reverb / delay, these boys have it all. If musical gear and equipment is your on the down low fetish, have a read the band’s must-have gear which was showcased throughout In A Restless House.

City Calm Down initially gripped listeners and their collective praise with the superb singles Rabbit Run and Wandering; both dazzling in their own right. I can already foresee the international success City Calm Down will soon have blaring in their direction. Once the public hears this album and its gems such as Until I Get By and Falling I expect nothing less than fan girls by the thousands. Get in line now folks.

If you happen to be in close proximity to a City Calm Down show, whether it be at a local venue or full-blown festival make sure you check them out and hop aboard Melbourne’s fastest moving hype train. Oh and don’t forget In A Restless House is released on November 6. Mark that date into wherever it may be, calendar, phone, or tattoo it onto your ass cheek in style… Just don’t miss it!! Got that?!

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