We all love indie music, but we’re up to our ears in it. Hot Spoke is the new Sydney fuzz act that’s shining through the crowd

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Have you listened to the latest single, Outlines, from the Sydney-based, fuzz-pop outfit Hot Spoke yet?

If the answer to that question is yes, then we’re tremendously pleased. If the answer to the that question is a begrudging, ashamed no, then drop what you’re doing, get it up on Spotify or Apple Music or whatever it is you listen to music on and hit play immediately.

hot spoke

While they evoke nostalgia for a time when pop music truly mattered, Hot Spoke manage to twist and contort their style into something unique and catchy with Outlines.

Whether you’re greasing the wheels of capitalism with your tears at work, holding a baby, eating a sandwich or contemplating the empty, unpleasant monotony that is your life, just drop what you’re doing immediately because this certified banger will make your day brighter, your teeth whiter and all of those lovely things.

In all seriousness, Hot Spoke are a genuinely exciting band and have been kicking around for a little while now. As the project of songwriter Ness Muir, their new track exhibits something fresh and exciting in the world of indie pop, showcasing their brilliant, scuzzy take on bands like The Smiths and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

It’s easy to flippantly dismiss Outlines, on a first listen as just another indie rock band walking the well-worn path set by fuzzy luminaries like Tame Impala. It’s on a second or third listen that it becomes very plain that Hot Spoke have absolutely nailed the balance between thoughtful songwriting and beautiful eccentricity.

Muir’s vocals drift elegantly over a mouthwatering bass line from Damian Enemark and intricate guitar lines from Seb Bartels. It’s all held together by magnificent, choppy drum work from Tully Ryan.

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Hot Spoke have been kicking around for a little while now, but they’ve just recently started to take leaps and bounds. Whether they’re being added to popular Spotify playlists, turning on every music journo in Australia or being added to the lineup for this years BIGSOUND, Hot Spoke have kicked more goals in 2016 than Gary Ablett in his prime.

It’s worth keeping an eye on these guys simply for the fact that it’s almost a guarantee that they’re going to be huge. The bonus is you’ll be fed delightful tunes along the way.

Make sure you keep up with them via their social media channels and head over to their set at BIGSOUND if you’re in Brisbane.