PREMIERE: Geoff Ong delivers an intricate slice of electro-pop on ‘Turn The TV Off’

With a futuristically cinematic beat, soul-pop artist, Geoff Ong delivers an illuminating and genuine track, Turn The TV Off. 

The Tāmaki Makaurau-based independent artist, Geoff Ong, has put together a pulsating pop tune during his time spent in Aotearoa’s 2020 lockdown.

The track, Turn The TV Off, is saturated with Ong’s enlightening anecdotes about the overwhelming saturation of negative news, and the strain it has on his mental health.

Geoff Ong

Ong’s tune is dripping with neon hues and sparkling, synthy percussion. Along with the glistening melody similar to the likes of LANY, Turn The TV Off feels like a futuristic blend of the pop and soul genre.

The self-produced artist built this project in the confines of his home, resting easy in the knowledge that he has the luxury of time to perfect each layer of sound. Ong’s attention to detail is simply breathtaking — writing, recording and producing the track has allowed his imagination and genuine nature to crack open and ooze without boundaries.


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Blending with retro-pop groove is the grounding and hard-hitting lyrics behind the track. Ong was inspired to create Turn The TV Off in the midst of COVID lockdowns. Saturated by a bombardment of information, Ong was faced with the conundrum of balancing his responsibility to stay informed on world events and looking after his mental health. “I started actively avoiding the news which made me realise it’s a privilege to be able to avoid thinking about all this stuff when other folks are literally living through it!” he explains.


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There is nothing insincere about Geoff Ong, and Turn Off The TV is an electronic glimmer that we are lucky enough to have on repeat. If you happen to be in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday 29 May, catch the single release show.

For the rest of us, feast your ears: