PREMIERE: Get lost in the dark, soulful ambience of Zac Eichner’s Neversink EP

Adelaide-based artist Zac Eichner is back with another completely spellbinding release, his much anticipated Neversink EP.

Delving into the same ambient, electronic sound the artist made waves on his debut single, Dopamine, the 4-track EP is driven by beautifully interwoven vocal textures. It makes for a completely hypnotic listening experience.

On Neversink Zac Eichner presents us with a minimalistic, evocative track release that will grab you from beginning to end.

The young artist manages to completely encapsulate his personal experiences into an emotionally pervasive, chorus-like series of tracks.

Every piece has a virtuosic-like continuity that you only see from artists that have properly matured in their own creative direction. The end result is a seamless performance that will carry you through the motions with its utterly mesmerising experimental ambience.

The fusion of dark, soulful electronic tracks with fleeting moments of raw vulnerability is reminiscent of the eclectic artists like Nick Murphy, Matt Corby and Bon Iver. Eichner’s Neversink EP brings together the most enticing aspects of electronic, soul, and jazz to create a completely inimitable synthesis of musical elements.

Zac Eichner released the first glimpse of his new EP with his magnetic lead single Lucy. The track encompasses the same raw expression we’ve always loved seeing from the artist.

Taking on powerful vocals and detailed layers of organic, personal catharsis, it makes for a truly one a kind release. The Neversink EP also features a special bonus track, Black Birds, which will be available for listening today.