PREMIERE: Get your daily dose of sexy swagger with Donny Benet’s Don’t Hold Back

It’s day two of our BIGSOUND video coverage, and things are getting spicy thanks to the man who puts the ‘love’ in sophisticated lover, Mr Donny Benet. We won’t lie, seeing Benet in action was one of the highlights of this year’s BIGSOUND. He’s cool, wickedly talented on the keys and has an effortless sexy vibe. Seriously, there were punters jumping on stage with him and were so overwhelmed by Benet’s presence they had to remove their clothes then and there. Or, y’know, the packed venue just made for a stiflingly hot set.

Thanks to our pals from Sessions, we have have a nifty video of Benet laying down some cool beats for Don’t Hold Back. Cue the cross fades.