PREMIERE: Glovers Lane’s Chapters is an honest realisation of fleeting time

Newcastle-based five-piece band Glovers Lane have released a chilled new track Chapters about passing time, goodbyes, and looking apprehensively towards the future.

With melancholic undertones, driving drums and powerful harmonies, the band’s rock production and lyricism is a fresh sound for them, moving away from their Motown-inspired first single I Only Know Happiness.

Glovers Lane have released a new music video for Chapters, exploring the fleeting nature of time, difficult goodbyes and getting back up.

The video features a bass player playing his guitar in various mundane, every-day locations such as Newcastle train station, a coffee shop, the beach and the men’s toilets. Finally, he plays at Glovers Lane, which is a no through road.

Chapters’ momentum builds throughout the track, with multiple layers added such as harmonising vocals and shrilling strings. There is strong instrumentation towards the end, with an ongoing electric guitar solo, building anticipation before bringing the melody back for the final chorus.

Elements of electronic production intertwine with the clear vocals, rock instrumentation and mellow piano chords, interchanging between genres and musical ideas. The song’s honest lyricism replicates the bands aim to reflect the realisation of passing time and just how little of it we have.

The band is made up of a group of friends Woodie McClean, Matt Cross, Jack Hayden, Matt Thomas and Jono Burgess who started bringing together musical ideas.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Chapters above