PREMIERE: Gnohms just went and dropped the most visually warped music video of the year

Eclectic rock outfit Gnohms have dropped their latest clip for Marihuana Is A Lot Of Fun and it is as out there as the name implies. A brilliant mix of classic instrumental rock undertones and modern video graphics, Gnohms have delivered a surefire hit.

Having made the recent name change from Ohms to Gnohms, the band have taken a bold new direction with their aesthetic. To say the least.

Opening with a swirling mess of liquid pouring from the ceiling of a cyber room of bright colours and disconcerting moving ceilings, the clip is already entering a messed up, drug-addled haze. It continues into a progression of steadily more fucked up legs and warped limbs, moving in time with Marihuana Is A Lot Of Fun.

Leaning more towards an acid trip than a green out, Gnohms’ new clip Marihuana Is A Lot Of Fun will have you losing your mind in just a few minutes.

The single was dropped in August, and this clip has clearly received the full treatment, high quality graphic distortions and 3D rendering making for a super unique and captivating accompaniment.

Even with the seriously mind-warping visuals, the music isn’t at all lost. In fact, the clip does as all good music videos do, actually heightening the experience of the song. Its beat matches perfectly the slow moving transitions of the clip, almost guiding you through the maze of bright colours and trippy effects.  

It’s a triumph of a release and one which has us intrigued by Gnohms and what they are capable of delivering, in terms of both music and art.

Having wrapped up their first show under the new name, the band are gearing up for more shows later in the year. For those as hooked as we are, this is welcome news.