PREMIERE: Hazlett delivers unbridled emotion on ‘Easy Now Tiger’

Self-proclaimed introvert, Hazlett, spent several years hidden in the faceless void of ghostwriting. Naturally, there was always a chance that his step across the rubicon into a solo-project would never occur, stifled by his own shyness.

Fortunately, the step was made, taking the form of a radical relocation to Stockholm, where his creative pursuits have blossomed.

Hazlett weaves genuine sentimentality and meaning into the rich tapestry of modern soundscapes on Easy Now Tiger.

Hazlett has resided in Sweden’s capital since the release of his first single, Lowdown, Lay It On. A number of releases have graced us since then, including the 2019 singles, Suncats, and Monsters

Picking up from where last year left off, Hazlett has returned with a new song that we are delighted to be premiering for you today, Easy Now Tiger.

The song’s opening parallels strongly with the melancholic, reserved narrative that Hazlett has constructed for himself. A wistful chord progression of Rhodes and guitar sits beneath a bed of atmospheric drones. Hazlett’s vocals then enter with a soulful delivery bordering on a gentle, raspy whisper. There’s a genuine honesty in the vocal performance, something that he has prided himself on in his songwriting process.

“The honest truth, I’m just one heck of an emotional, stubborn, simple, romantic guy… I am the way I am and at the end of the day people are going to like what I do or they are going to hate it.”

The track eventually transitions into a wonderful demonstration of dynamic awareness. It tastefully pulls back when you expect it to unleash, delaying that moment of gratification and, consequently, increasing its impact.

Hazlett has carved out a pocket in a saturated landscape of singer-songwriter indie pop. He weaves the genuine sentimentality of yesteryear’s songwriters into the rich tapestry of modern soundscapes.

Currently building towards a 2020 EP release, we recommend keeping at least one eye on Hazlett. In the words of the man himself, “Either way this thing goes, at least it’s going to be honest and from the heart.”