PREMIERE: Hazy, lazy and a little crazy, The Vacationists lift the mood sky high with Here She Comes Now

The Vacationists are five Sydney lads who make music to put smiles on faces. Don’t believe me? Their latest output Here She Comes Now should just about do the trick.

Wrap some indie pop catchiness in cozy bed of reverb and dip it in the salt of the ocean; you’ll have this single. Recorded entirely within The Vacationists’ home studio, there’s a warm friendliness to the track, not just in sonics but in lyricism too.

The accompanying clip, dropping today, echoes this sentiment. Profoundly relatable and holistically nostalgic, the DIY video frames a set of polaroids against familiar household backdrops, from vinyl to fridge magnets to your nanna’s knits.

the vacationists here she comes now

Send nostalgia into maximum overdrive with Here She Comes Now, a wholesome and catchy summer pop hit from The Vacationists.

It’s tough to figure out which part of Here She Comes Now is the most catchy; the vocal lines throughout the tune or that guitar hook which just keeps coming up for air. Whichever end of this hit is your favourite, guaranteed you’ll be humming it along on the way home today.

It’d indie pop goodness that doesn’t mind being a little rough around the edges, which is frankly pretty refreshing. As the world falls back in love with lo-fi, shoegaze and psych, local crowds are finding less and less patience for the ultra-produced, ultra-neat and ultra-poppy indie movement which took off five or so years ago.

The Vacationists’ approach to music isn’t that of a perfectionist but of an upbeat devotee; their joy for the songs they create shines through every track they’ve nailed so far, and indeed this clip as well.

Here’s hoping there’s more where this came from. We want it.


Catch The Vacationists live with Okin Osan and MOOLK on Saturday April 29 at Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville. Grab all your details here.