PREMIERE: Sydney pop provocateurs Hedge Fund release new clip True Romance

After much hype, Sydney garage pop outfit Hedge Fund have released the music video for their highly anticipated single True Romance. The synth-infused pop is still guitar heavy, but with a moody edge you just can’t ignore.

The track itself is catchy, keeping with the brash and punchy pop the group have become known for. Having seen a couple of Hedge Fund shows in our time, rest assured that this track will translate incredibly well on stage.

Hedge Fund

Know that there is a flirty sexuality that comes everything Hedge Fund creates, and that teasing element is what makes the band so alluring.

Keeping it much more simple in production than their past releases, True Romance projects an outline of lead singer Will Colvin shaking it all around and performing for the audience. Of the clip Colvin has shared:

“The idea of this video was to deal with those deep, desperate feelings of loneliness and loss I was feeling by trying to expose every part of myself, physically and emotionally, while also removing everything about myself that makes me human.”

“I had become a ghoul, an empty, desperate creature acting out my pain in a vicious, naked dance for attention.The drawings are completely anatomically correct with the exception of my eyes, which I turned into cold, hollow circles. I wanted it to be frightening, confronting, sad and funny.”

This clip is no different; in fact we get to see a bit more of Colvin than one might have bargained for. After a few moments of uncertainty, it can be confirmed that the figure is in fact naked and with members flying about, the sense of honest and true release as articulated through the lyrics become wildly more apparent.

Taking more than six months to create this video is a testament to just how committed Colvin is to the provocateur personality he has crafted for himself.

If you’re looking for a more personal look at Hedge Fund, the music video for True Romance is the best place to start. Having only released the single itself yesterday, both pieces are fresh off the mark and are likely to make big waves in the lead up to their debut album.

The band are set to launch their single at Newtown’s Waywards this coming Friday the 16th of March alongside Breizers, SOY, Cosmic Flanders and a whole bunch of other local acts which will likely make you drool.