PREMIERE: High-tails embark on a psyched-out urban safari in their new clip All The Time

Sydney alt-pop legends High-tails have been working hard on secret house parties, a new record and now a top class video clip for their single All The Time.

The clip opens with some alcohol-infused preparation for what seems like a journey ahead. The protagonist leaps from the window and commences his run towards what would appear to be freedom.

Washed over in heat detector visuals and mysterious blue shade, High-tails’ reflective pop is a brilliant and subtle backdrop to this dramatic, emotional montage.


In All The Time, High-tails combine engaging and beautifully articulated sonics with a dry, humorous aesthetic that catches you from the start.

The song laments the feeling of being torn, of wanting to run away, to go back again and to do nothing – all at the same time. It’s a hard world we live in, where relationships turn complicated and dramatic over the inability to navigate our emotions and desires. All The Time is a vulnerable and insightful narrative into love, yearning, loss and liberation. In other words, High-tails have nailed it.

The DIY nature of the clip makes it all the more endearing, the shady blues and roughly articulated effects representing yet again that sense of youthful, emotive disturbia. The character is running away, running through a haze of confusion.

High-tails are due to release their record A Slight Hi next week and we could not be more stoked to wrap our ears around it.

On top of this the boys held a rad event in Dulwich Hill showcasing new music and giving Sydney something to get around until late in the night. We managed to capture some excellent shots of the night so if you didn’t manage to get over there on the weekend, we highly recommend you check out the gallery.


A Slight Hi is available October 13. Pre-order your copy here.