PREMIERE: Sometime Sonny rides a rollercoaster of ruined relationships in his spellbinding, self-titled EP

Emerging from Brisbane’s eternally expanding music scene, Sometime Sonny is the result of musician Dave Campbell’s indie-pop ingenuity, composed under an act of the same name

Undeniably, we can all relate to the heartbreak in Campbell’s lyrics, but the one characteristic about Sometime Sonny that captivates us enough to keep listening is the overwhelmingly beautiful composition.

Rich with diversity and coloured by a bottomless lyrical depth, the self-title EP from Sometime Sonny will pull at every one of your heartstrings.

The four tracks which make up Sometime Sonny sing of man who like so many, are afraid of commitment. Frame Of Mind is an upbeat acoustic track with an infectious melody, a lamentation for the one who got away.

With a grand piano in the background and a drizzle of electric guitar, all the elements combined with Campbell’s voice create without a doubt one of the catchiest tracks on the EP. 

Right On Time is a slower, more emotional track with beautifully composed lyrics, Wasted On Me following closely behind. Both tracks instantly radiate a nostalgia to Sticky Fingers’ first album Caress Your Soul, with Campbell’s smooth, beautiful vocals singing of heartbreak and reasons why girls should, quite literally, stay away from him. But with a voice so soothing, that may not be an easy task.

Rich with harmonies, emotional piano lines and some spacey background synth, these tracks won’t fall short of tugging on each of your individual heart strings. Big Brown Eyes switches back to an upbeat, positive feel, it’s a track with a duration of only 40 seconds but will have your head bopping along nonetheless. 

The self-titled EP uses a well balanced ratio of slower, emotional tracks in contrast with upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics which overall deliver a very versatile release capable of adapting to any mood.

Sometime Sonny can be commended as something that can be listened all the way through and on repeat, without it feeling tedious. If this is just a small taste of what’s to come from David Campbell in the future, then it’s safe to say we’ll be listening to this EP on loop until that day arrives.