All Aboard! The Yellow Submarine will celebrate its 50th birthday with a retro comic adaptation

The BeatlesYellow Submarine will see its 50th anniversary in 2018 and with it, a comic book adaption of the classic film by Titan Comics.

The comic will see The Beatles adventuring through the nautical craft to Pepperland, where they will protect the people from the Blue Meanies.

Authorised by the Apple Corporation and set for release sometime next year, the comic is written and illustrated by Bill Morrison, editor of MAD Magazine.

The Apple Corporation is a multimedia company founded by The Beatles in 1968.

Yellow Submarine is a trippy 1986 animated film, a centrefold for the psychedelic animation style which dominated the late 60s.

Check out a few preview images from the upcoming comic below.

Yellow Submarine 

Via  The Hollywood Reporter