PREMIERE: Jacob Lee navigates vulnerability and misunderstanding on his stunning new single Suitcase

On his new single Suitcase, Jacob Lee sings about vulnerability, putting your heart on your sleeve and giving all you have to a relationship that is at the end of its tether. 

The new track opens with dark ambience, though shortly after the introduction of Lee’s vocals, the track kicks into second gear when the rest of the band accompanies him with driving guitars and a powerful chorus.

Suitcase by Jacob Lee is an emotional, dramatic piece of music about vulnerability, misunderstanding and hanging onto the last threads of a friendship.

We first hear Lee’s side of the story, of wanting another chance and pleading his significant other to keep faith in him. Then Fernandez’s vocals come in and she gives her perspective –  being tired of excuses, missing him too much, and of not being able to stand another day.

In a previous interview, Lee has expressed that he’s “absolutely obsessed with artistry and becoming the true definition of the word.”

To Lee, music is not so much a therapeutic outlet for pent-up emotions so much as it is something to become better at, a skill to keep honing in on over time.

An ambitious goal, but Suitcase proves that the 23-year-old musician rises to the challenge with ease.

Listen to the new single above.