PREMIERE: Joshua Batten explores ‘making it big’ in Hollywood Blues

Melbourne singer, songwriter Joshua Batten’s latest single Hollywood Blues is a groovy and hard-hitting rock n roll tune, providing commentary on the expectations of ‘making it‘ big in Hollywood.

With electric guitar solos, driving drums and vocals that are well accustomed to story telling, the song is an ode to those searching for something more.

Joshua Batten’s latest single Hollywood Blues explores the expectation vs reality of Hollywood with a classic rock n roll sound.

Gaining inspiration from classic-rock, blues, folk and progressive rock, Batten’s sound is unique and unwavering. Since putting his music out there in 2016, he has released an array of songs including his debut EP Searching For Answers.

Speaking about Hollywood Blues, the first hint of his debut album The City Within, Batten shared:

“Because of everything I had seen on TV, I’d built Hollywood up in my mind, but when I first visited it was bright and cheery and a bit too plastic. So, I wrote about someone going out there to make it big and everything falling apart.

I try really hard to connect with people through my songs and while not everyone’s tried to break into Hollywood,I’m sure they’ve tried to create some kind of break for themselves.It might not always work,but hopefully they walk away with strong lessons.”

The City Within is set to be released in early 2020, but in the meantime, catch Joshua Batten’s single launch at the David Williamson Theatre (Melbourne Polytechnic) on Thursday September 19. Grab your tickets here for the two-hour showcase with both acoustic and electric sets.