PREMIERE: Lachlan Denton’s new single Close will leave you completely at peace

Frontman of Melbourne/Wagga Wagga-based indie outfit The Ocean Party, Lachlan Denton will be releasing a solo album later this year, and we’ve just been given the wonderful first taste of it with new single Close.

While the sound of the single is quite removed from that of The Ocean Party, Denton continues the band’s penchant for catchy, melody-driven indie-pop tracks that make your heart melt.

We may be approaching winter, but Lachlan Denton’s new single Close will leave you feeling as though you’ve been bathing in sunshine for hours.

The forthcoming album was recorded when Denton took up a two month sublet in Abbotsford, Melbourne following the ending of an eight-year-long relationship. It was here that Denton set out to record his solo debut, taking a more introspective and personal approach to songwriting.

The first offering from the album, Close, is a serene and delicate slice of guitar pop built by layers of clean, crisp guitars and Denton’s bright and gentle vocals.

The lyrics are captivatingly honest, highlighted by the raw instrumentation. It makes for a truly heartwarming listen.

Lachlan Denton’s debut solo album Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room will be released June 1st through his own label Osborne Again. You can pre-order it here.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to his new track above.