PREMIERE: Lalalala from Archy Punker is the most chiller video we’ve seen all year

Archy Punker are a bloody riot. Their latest clip for single Lalalala is a smash hit of good honest Aussie debauchery.

Their hard hitting and energetic garage rock has a similar tone to that of West Thebarton and Good Boy, but with an even rougher edge which makes it all the more endearing.

Opening on our top bloke’s face, the music blares continuously while scenes of terrible and fantastic fun flash across the screen behind him. We’re talking pranks, homemade slip ‘n’ slides, live performances and some of the most feral parties imaginable.  Having said this, Archy Punker makes you want to be a part of their world.

Archy Punker

During Lalalala, the weapon of a protagonist punches bungas and sinks tinnies, at times even attempting to sing along to Archy Punker’s garage madness.

While not much happens, we’re given the perfect snapshot of exactly what Archy Punker are all about, getting down and dirty and having as much fun as humanly possible.  All of this while paying homage to the classic rough Aussie bloke, he’s dirty, he’s brash but by god you want to sit at a barbie with him and get a piece of his mind.

These guys have gone above and beyond to have fun with the clip for LALALALA. It’s not a high quality production, but that’s kind of the point. Archy Punker have made it possible to say all that needs to be said with a bloke, a tarp and a brown. 

No doubt after seeing this clip you’ll want to be in on the action and meet the crew in the flesh. If so, catch them at this weekend’s Yours & Owls festival in the Gong.

Something tells me that they would love nothing more.