Festival of the Sun might just be the best Aussie BBQ ever so we imagined what would happen if we invited every artist on the lineup for a Sunday sesh

The barbecue. The Barbie. The BBQ. The hallowed meeting of friends that hopefully takes place in someone else’s backyard, so you can keep your neighbours in a harmonious state. It’s all about creating an open, friendly atmosphere right from the start.

We can’t stress the importance of making sure everyone feels welcome, that way when it all hits the fan you’re all in it together. No one wants to be sitting sad faced in the corner chomping on a burnt sausage with the end bit of bread and no sauce.

festival of the sun

With Festival of the Sun looking to be just about the best Aussie BBQ ever, we have a crack at what each artist would do if they showed up in your backyard.

We have a feeling that the residents of Port Macquarie know a thing or two about creating a good sizzler. A vibrant coastal enclave, four and a half hours north of Sydney that is soon to be hosting the Festival Of The Sun, a three day festival with the beach at its doorstep.

Since Festival of the Sun claims to be “a festival like no other, more like an Australian backyard barbecue than a music festival”, we started wondering what this year’s artists would be like as barbecue guests. What would they get up to? We think it would go a little something like this:

Boo Seeka

The first act to the party, for good reason too. Seeka helps orchestrate the annual hide and seek game, but they usually keep the best spots for themselves and end up scaring the crap out of guests who forgot we’re still playing. That’s when we relegate them to the decks, spinning wild musical experiments and layering percussive beats with smooth soul sounds, keeping the chilled vibes floating through the air.

Gang Of Youths

Get enough in to these guys and they’re always up for the good fight. Last year they brought some pretty Strange Diseases to the party that left us feeling like we definitely weren’t in Kansas anymore. After a quick chat they’ve shown us both sides now and are showing all the vital signs of bringing the party. Here’s hoping them and the Dumb Punts don’t turf the couch up on the overpass like last year.

Dune Rats

Postie bikes, inflatable pools, ridiculous chat, reckless self-endangerment for the benefit of other revellers’ amusement and a healthy dose of Bullshit. Pretty self-explanatory really, we just really wish they would use their own shoes instead of stealing ours.

The Smith Street Band

Arriving exactly at the halfway point, bringing extra bread, some sweet fresh capsicum to roast and a 30-pack of tinnies. The kind of guys you want around to encourage you to never surrender, while putting the kooks in place with a casual “Wipe That Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face”.

Urthboy & L-Fresh the Lion

Usually rocking up together, both bring some serious heart and soul to the soiree. Armed to the teeth with good chat and a pun to lighten the mood, equally as excited to traverse the existential planes of existence with anyone willing to come along for the ride.

Bouncing off each other with a rhythm not many others can match, these two acts would bring some serious inspiration to the barbie. The socially conscious arteries helping to keep the coolers filled and the minds open.

West Thebarton Brothel Party

Let’s be honest, it’s all in the name.


The effervescent, social one at the barbecue, floating around the backyard chatting to all attendees on a range of topics such as the multiple uses of the kazoo, whether or not it’s important to colour code your fairy bread and the fact that there is actually such a thing as too much Björk.

Tash Sultana

Easily the firecracker of the BBQ. At first glance unassuming, she has enough dexterity and coordination to keep the hotplate lit, the snags turned, the onions caramelised and the playlist curated. The type of guest who’s playing lawn bowls, croquet, marco polo and darts without every seeming to leave the comfort of a deck chair.

Luca Brasi

An endearing group of lads who would always be down for a laugh. The first to get in to the pool and the last to leave, dripping water all through the house creating a neck breaking slip’n’slide. Probably responsible for all pool toys going missing and the reason why it’s taken an extra bucket of chlorine to stabilise the pool’s pH levels.

Sahara Beck

Probably found hanging out up the back of the garden amongst the citronella candles and picnic rugs with Middle Kids and Patrick James. While the chaos rages around them, they provide a safe haven for when The Dunies have turned the house in to a BMX track.

Enjoying heartfelt banter, genuine connections and a mellow chardonnay, these three would share each other’s travel stories, future wanderlust and the crippling anxiety caused by a full bowl of muesli and a house without milk.

Now this is the entire product of an endearingly deranged imagination, and if you want to find out whom else might be coming to the backyard cook out then grab a ticket to Festival Of The Sun’s guaranteed cracker of a BBQ for chance to really see what a field full of these artists could become.

For all further festival information, line up news and tickets, head to Festival of the Sun’s homepage.