Love some cheeky 7″ action? So do West Thebarton Brothel Party, and they went vinyl hunting to find 5 of the best

West Thebarton Brothel Party have been busy lads lately. They’ve just returned home to Adelaide for Stonecutters Festival after playing BIGSOUND in Brisbane and King St Crawl in Sydney.

Moreover, they’re lapping up the love from the release of their Red or White / Dolewave 7″ double A-side. Riding the wave of their vinyl-happy attitudes lately, we sent them down to Adelaide’s Clarity Records to pick out five favourite 7″ records.

Illustration by Sydney's Jack Dawes
Illustration by Sydney’s Jack Dawes

7″ records are back baby and West Thebarton Brothel Party know it! We asked the boys to head down to Adelaide’s Clarity Records and cook us up their own little selection.

Harmony – Diminishing Returns (2013)

Saw them with The Drones. It was like going to heathen church with their otherworldly choral section. Been weirdly on my mind for the past week and spotted this at Clarity. It’s serendipity. It’s Harmony.

The Personalities – I Don’t Need Your Money (2016)

I picked up this 7” from Clarity on Record Store Day when Footy said he was releasing a few hand stamped, custom records. It’s a sturdy, fast and pissed-off number that tips its hat to Australian punk bands like The Victims and The Saints. No download or online presence either. I just wish there was a bloody B-side.

7" records

Turnstile – Step 2 Rhythm (2013)

Turnstile mixes a very tough hardcore sound with endless amount of groove. 7 tracks on a 7″ is all you need to get your fix.

7" records

Money For Rope – My House Or Yours / Six Gun Johnny (2010)

Money for Rope played three shows in Adelaide and I saw what was my dream at the time. A chaotic, grandiose and heavy live set that would later justify my desire to play in a 7-piece rock n roll group. I actually picked up this 7″ at their Grace Emily show, and My House or Yours is still one of my favourite songs. It’s anxious lyrics about the changing of culture echo over the armageddon-esque drone. A relic of a band that has truly fuckin’ inspired this garage rock tragic.

7" records

Black Flag – TV Party (1982)

TV Party is at once sharp, fast and hilariously satirical – and perhaps even more relevant now than ever.

7" records