Having a look at what Luca Brasi are packing for Festival of the Sun 2016

Before the deep sea edition of Festival of The Sun, we asked Luca Brasi what they’d bring if they were banished to the sea forever

Festival of The Sun is quickly approaching its 12th year running as one of the best festivals in Australia. Taking place in early December, it’s a damn good way to kick to off the long summer festival season.

It’s right near the beach in lovely Port Macquarie, BYO and camping and it has a strict no-dickhead policy. It always pulls together a killer lineup of Aussie acts too, and this year is no exception with Gang of Youths, Seth Sentry, Montaigne and Dune Rats topping the lineup with a slew of other great Aussie artists.

Another act who is a massive drawcard is Luca Brasi, a band we’ve been keeping a close eye on for a while now and who blew us away with their latest record If This IS All We’re Going To Be. 

They’re lovely dudes with wicked sense of humour, and since this year is the ‘deep sea edition’ of Festival of The Sun, we asked Luca Brasi to tell us about what they’d bring with them if they were banished to the sea forever. Dive in.

Luca Brasi

This year is the ‘deep sea edition’ of Festival of The Sun, so we asked punk titans Luca Brasi what they’d bring if they were banished to the sea forever. They are surprisingly resourceful dudes…

To be honest living underwater would be crap, there’s a reason Ariel in The Little Mermaid is so keen to leave. That said, at the rate we’re going with the polar ice caps it’ll probably be our reality sooner rather than later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …. G’day Malcolm Roberts you dingbat.

1. Waterproof Nintendo DS x 5 (could be a legend shark who wants to join in on Mario kart?) Gotta stay busy.

2. I’m assuming we can breathe down there, so instead of air we’ll take some nitrogen to get light headed…

3. Fishing gear for the boiz to eat. Tyler can eat seaweed.

4. A certain book by Jules Verne for some inside tips on deep sea living.

5. We’ll take a load of Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough docos to watch on a waterproof device because we’ll need to learn about our new neighbours and fish probably don’t speak English / are notoriously bad at sharing.

6. We’ll need a fair few wetties, everyone knows it gets cold at the bottom of the sea. Unless we’ve been banished somewhere in the South Pacific, keep it toasty. Also who is doing this banishing? What a wanker, we’ve done nothing sir!

7. Is there a fish version of catnip? We’ll have a load of that thanks. Maybe uncover a pirate stash of sunken rum? Yeah nice, thanks Black Beard.

8. Backline and guitars so we can kick out the jellyfish under water still…

What about tune wise?

1. All of Mastodon’s Leviathan album. A concept record about Herman Melville’s Moby Dick? You beaut.

2. The Josh Pyke song where he is getting about Sydney harbour in a little tinny in the shape of an acoustic guitar. Or as Busby calls them “coward sticks”

3. Credence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary. Yeah the Mississippi isn’t the deep sea but you cannot deny this tune! Apparently there are humans on this planet unaware that the Tina Turner version is a cover?! Madness.

4. River of Dreams – Billy Joel. Classic!

5. Ship of Beers – Frenzal Rhomb. Is this Frenzal’s best song? No. Close though.

6. Little Mermaid Under The Sea – what a call back!

I hope everyone is taking notes.You can catch Luca Brasi tearing up the deep sea stage at Festival of The Sun this December. Get all the details on the festival here and buy tickets here.

Check out the full lineup below:

Gang Of Youths
Seth Sentry
The Smith Street Band
Dune Rats
Boo Seeka
Luca Brasi
Tash Sultana
L-Fresh The Lion
Sahara Beck
The Lulu Raes
Patrick James
Middle Kids
Bec Sandridge
Good Boy
West Thebarton Brothel Party
Dumb Punts
Gold Member
triple j Unearthed winner