Dive deeper into the techno world than ever before with Human Movement

With beats deeper than the Mariana Trench, Human Movement are pushing Australian dance music to new frontiers

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It’s a real skill, trying to push the limits of electronic sound, while at the same time keeping a track at maximum dance-ability. Genre blending, bass bangin’ duo Human Movement are bringing a new sound to techno music, and they’ll have you moving the whole way there.

Human Movement have quickly been gaining momentum over the last couple of years, releasing their EP Dancing Room, touring nationally and most recently releasing a second EP Subcity. The boys are pumping out music and it just keeps getting better.

human movement

A sweet concoction of UK bass, techno and house that is structured around low frequency beats, Human Movement’s sound is sure to get you moving

On the duo’s favouritism for deep beats, Human Movement elaborates:

“We think it’s just the general captivation of low frequencies when listening to it on a big system, it really resonates through your body and has a strong impact on us that way. Low frequencies are like the silent hero within the song that gets everyone hooked”

Listening to their music, from one EP to the next, shows how they’ve developed over the years, how their sound is transforming and constantly moving forward. Without halting the producing and touring, they’ve also somehow found the time to start their own label, Behm Records.

“Behm happened because we wanted complete control over our creative product as well as the way we could release and distribute it. It’s also a platform to release our own solo projects as well as other artists we are really digging.”

Being a part of Sydney’s underground scene for some time now, the duo has really experienced it’s importance for Aussie music. Discovering new sound isn’t always as simple as turning on your radio.

“(The underground scene) allows people to access something other than whatever the top 40 is at the time. It shows you a whole other world of music, which doesn’t have to follow a formula. Also the scene developed around underground dance music you can tell has true fans because they haven’t been forced to listen to this sort of music, they’ve actually gone out of their way to find it.”

“So when it comes to going to parties or events you can tell how invested and passionate people are about this scene… Or maybe they’re just cooked, we don’t know”

This underground electronic scene is really booming in Australia at the moment, an endless forest of builds, beats and drops. Sometimes it can be difficult to find your place amongst the many artists out there. What really impresses about Human Movement is that they are willing to push themselves and their music to give their audience a fresh perspective of the electronic landscape.

“Australian music scene we have a real love hate relationship with. Because you’ve got all these artists riding that high pitch vocal tropical/trap, which personally is not out thing. But then on the other hand, you have artists making some real amazing stuff that’s more up our alley like Sleep D, Francis Inferno, Mall Grab, Made In Paris to name a few.”

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“It’s artists like these that are doing something different within the Australian music scene and that’s what makes them stand out which is how we want to go about it. Not just following the trend, but being a bit left field with out production”

With all that’s been happening for the duo, there is plenty more to come. They’ve been busy with a new album hopefully to be released early next year, and are also about to participate in V Movement Sydney in October.

“We are a part of the Stoney Roads world record attempt of the longest b2b DJ relay. We think it’s just a fun opportunity to try break a world record. We also love working with V Movement and the Stoney Roads team, they’re all legends.”

Want to catch these legends live? See them at Human Movement Party 2.0.