PREMIERE: Get lost in the boundless worlds of Liminal Drifter’s new LP The Dreams

Fremantle-based Dr. Simon Order, otherwise known as Liminal Drifter, has returned with The Dreams, another sprawling album that traverses through boundless ambience and intricately layered electronica.

As its name suggests, the new album is a slice of hallucinatory bliss, simultaneously focused and spaced-out. It’s a  collection of songs that will leave you without concept of space or time.

Close your eyes, open your mind, and let Liminal Drifter’s hypnotic new album The Dreams to take you places you’ve never been before.

After working with various bands throughout the nineties, Order went on hiatus upon arriving in Western Australia in 2006, eventually re-emerging under his current moniker.

He has since released two full-length albums plus a remix companion album to 2015’s Troubled Mystic, titled The Night Train Vacancies.

On The Dreams, Liminal Drifter presents a collection of songs that effortlessly weave into one another with their lush and dense soundscapes. Much like an active body of water, the album drifts through different environments – changing and evolving with every moment.

Album opener Beach Fair, along with Angels Of The Sea and Fish Don’t Have Arms Or Legs, all explore aquatic themes with washy synths that will leave you feeling submerged.

On Stranger Things, the album journeys some place fare more exotic, with its almost tropical beats and infectious bass line.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.