PREMIERE: Little Fox returns with Edits

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Sydney’s Little Fox. Her debut EP Warrior was released over a year ago to much love and praise. The downbeat, spacious five track was a great introduction to the young singer and her penchant for bleeding electronic pop, indie rock and touches of folk. Since then fans have been hungry for more and they finally get what they’ve been waiting for today with the premiere of Edits.

Little Fox Edits premiere

Little Fox wastes no time with her latest track Edits. Somber yet rousing, her voice carries the weight of personal struggle in stellar fashion.

Little Fox, otherwise known as Simone Macarounas has noted that last year she was met with a few personal troubles and this is something that comes across in Edits. Gone is the fuzzy sound that dominated Warrior which is replaced with a cleaner, punchier sound that gets to the point quickly. This is Little Fox 2.0; more determined, more focused and all the more enthralling for it. They say artists must suffer for their craft, and while we don’t wish for unhappiness on anyone (it’s in our name after all), it’s good to see Macarounas taking her struggles and using it to channel her music.

Edits is carried by Macarounas’ voice. It’s subtle as it echoes gently before evolving into an overwhelming wall of sound. The crescendo is marked by the lyrics “You edit yourself all the time, don’t you?“. Coupled with some impressive percussion to amp up the epic feelings and what you’re left with is a confronting ending to what started out so somber.

In fact it’s this journey throughout the track makes Edits an interesting listen. It opens with vocal samples of the aforementioned lyrics, warped and looped together to create a slightly disorienting feeling before launching into the first verse. It’s a track that concerns itself with issues of identity, of trying to carve out a life in spite of what others say, well displayed through lyrics like “You broke the mould you were so new / Now these words are stacking up and breaking you“.

The internal struggle is shown well through the instrumentation; the drum pattern is always subject to change, different synth layers are added constantly and there are some subtle horn sounds lingering in the background. Props to producer Tony Buchen, who’s worked wonders with plenty of talented Sydney musos like Oh Reach and Wells. He has a knack for drawing out the best in people and finding a way to help a song be punchy and distinct without becoming overblown.

Edits is the first cut of Little Fox’s sophomore EP which is slated for release later this year. In the meantime enjoy her return to the scene and be sure to check out her socials for tour dates.