PREMIERE: LOOBS’ new video Anyone You Know is a slice of slacker-rock paradise

Melbourne four piece LOOBS are a group of mates who like to have a good time, a coupla beers, and make incredibly infectious garage rock together. And we’re all for the better because of it.

With a jangly, slacker rock sound that is distinctively Melbournian, LOOBS make you wanna knock off early and head down to the local with all your best pals.

Their latest video for Anyone You Know depicts your average, everyday trip to the park. You’ve got a lot of people sticking their tongues down one another’s throats, massage trains, a heart attack, the bottle flipping thing, and dabbing.

So yeah, your average, everyday trip to the park.


Straight out of your neighbour’s garage, LOOBS’ new track Anyone You Know is a punchy, laid-back piece of sun-soaked Australiana.

With two EPs and a single already under their belts, LOOBS have already become a favourite amongst their fellow Melbournians. They’ve even caught the attention of Poison City Records on Anyone You Know, the label responsible for Clowns, Camp Cope, Cable Ties, Batpiss, The Bennies, and a heap of others.

If you wanna catch LOOBS do their thing live, make sure you check out the details to their upcoming show below, and then proceed to attend:

March 3rd – Old Bar – Fitzroy, Melbourne – Supporting Lubulwa

More details over at their Facebook page.