PREMIERE: Mondecreen prove that the saxaphone makes everything sexy

Canberra duo George Stavridis and Roshan Fernandez, aka, Mondecreen, introduce themselves by saying they are “Looking to make feet and hearts move”. Could there be a more perfect way to head into the weekend? I highly doubt it. And their brand spankin’ new track Losin’ It does exactly that, and if it doesn’t make you want to get up and have a boogie, you might need to learn how to have some fun.

Mondecreen Premiere

Got yourself some troubles there guy? Just dance it off with Canberra electro-pop duo Mondecreen and their brand new single Losin’ It.

Straight off the bat Losin’ It will demand your attention, and teamed with seamless and tight rhythms, it is so effortlessly cool. With an upbeat, silky and infectious melody, the track boasts a mixture of hip-hop, pop and electro influences. It starts off sounding like it’s going to be a chilled out hip-hop track, but then the beat kicks in, knocks you back a bit and delivers an insane electro / dance sound.

The smooth vocals will make your ears melt and the electro beats will make your heart pound out of your chest. And that sax, well I don’t really think the sax ever needs explaining, it’s just so beautiful. It is the perfect weekend track and would go down a treat at any sort of social gathering where it is acceptable to get a bit funky.

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The song started life off as a rough production of vocals and melodies created by Stavridis, which made their way into the hands of Fernandez, who produced a totally new instrumentation and chord progression. As Stavridis says, that’s what gave the track “The reckless classy feel it has now”. With the song’s production heading in a really positive direction, Stavridis decided to take the sideline for moral support and let Fernandez continue doing his thing. All the vocals were recorded in a bedroom, the sweet saxophone sounds and guitar licks were recorded in Fernandez’ home studio, and the rest of the track is made up of electronic production.

The track was inspired by worries about money, the future and commitment, with Stavridis saying “This track essentially captures the more positive adjustment, where you shed your skin and recall the reasons for which you have to be thankful and let loose a little. Sometimes you just need to not think, have a stiff drink and dance a little when you are demanding too much of yourself”.

With lyrics like “I got 9 to 5, careless in my stride, I don’t mind if I’m late cause I’m losin’ it dancing”, it’s obvious that this is going to be a fun song, and I’m sure we can all relate to that feeling (as I’m writing this I’m running a tad bit late to a uni class, but I’m just going to take on the song’s advice and not mind, because I’m having such a good time listening to it). So not only is Losin’ It a fucking killer song, it’s full of wisdom and handy advice. Thanks Mondecreen!

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