PREMIERE: Lostkeyz wears his heart on his sleeve with stirring new track Matches

Following a booming string of shows at Sydney’s World Bar, young Aussie MC Lostkeyz is ready to drop his latest, a tune called Matches.

The final single from his upcoming, self-titled EP, Matches sees Loskeyz team up with fellow Sydneysider Delipres on production credits. The result is a restrained, emotional rap track that rides on soft beats, potent lyricism and floaty synth work.

lostkeyz matches premiere happy mag

Tightly produced and tremendously executed, Matches is a stirring and heartfelt outpouring from the rising Sydney MC Lostkeyz.

Far too often, emerging rappers fall into the trap of simply using their music as a pedestal from which to brag off. The cockiness synonymous with some of the world’s biggest hip-hop stars is certainly attractive to new artists, but that kind of bravado in your early career can often miss the mark.

What Lostkeyz has done with Matches is not only the braver choice, but a more effective one. A deeply personal outpouring will always be more engaging, and Lostkeyz’ lamentations of love, loss and self-awareness add a potent and magnetic edge to his newest track.

This feeling is backed up remarkably by the production on the track, a swirling mist of soft-edged synths and downtempo percussion which never kick it too far into gear.

It allows the vocals to take the prime spot in the mix, a bold choice from Lostkeyz considering the emotional content in Matches. He’s displayed front and centre for the world to see, a nerve-racking position which he pulls off with formidable swagger.

The self-titled, debut EP from Lostkeyz is set for release later this year.